What are the 7 Continents? Continent Facts & FAQ

by Robert Cheney

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Continent Facts & FAQ

What is a continent?
A large contiguous mass of land. Its exact definition can seemingly apply to an island as well ans is somewhat arbitrary. If its not considered an island like Greenland is then it is considered a continent.

How many continents are there?
4-7 depending on your cultural viewpoint. 7 is the most widely accepted number.

What are the 7 continents?

  1. Africa
  2. Australia
  3. Antarctica
  4. North America
  5. South America
  6. Europe
  7. Asia

Why is Greenland an island, while Australia is a continent?
Greenland is considered more of an extension of North America, is very small and doesn’t contain many plants and animals unique to it.

Here is a chart listing attributes of each continent:

Name Population Area Highest Mountain # of Countries
1 Africa 1.1 billion 11.6 million sq miles Kilimanjaro 54
2 Asia 4.4 billion 17 million sq mi Everest 49
3 Antarctica 0 5.4 million sq mi Vinson 0
4 Australia 23.7 million 3 million sq mi Kosciuszko 1
5 Europe 742 million 4 million sq mi Elbrus 50
6 North America 565 million 9.4 million sq mi Denali 23
7 South America 386 million 6.8 million sq mi Aconcagua 12

Is there a song to help kids remember the 7 continents?

What is the largest continent?
Asia is the largest continent by both area and population

What continent is Mexico in?
North America

Is Australia a continent?

7 Continents Signpost

7 Continents Signpost

What continent is the Middle East in?

What are countries called that extend to more than 1 continent?
Transcontinental Countries

Here is a list of the transcontinental countries:

  • Asian–European boundary: Azerbaijan, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Russia, Turkey
  • African–Asian boundary: Egypt
  • North American-South American boundary: Colombia, Panama 1

What continent is England in?

Is Central America a Continent?
No. It is part of North America

Is there a continents game anywhere?
Here is a decent one

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