Cod Facts ~ Cod FAQ ~ All About the Codfish

by Robert Cheney

in Fish, Sea Life

How many species of cod are there?
AtlanticPacific and Greenland cod

Which species is the smallest, largest and how long do they live for?
The Greenland is the smallest (35 lbs) and lives for 12 years. The Atlantic is the largest  (200 lbs)  and lives for 25 years. The Pacific lives for 20 years.

Are Blue cod, Murray cod, Eastern cod actually real cod?
No. Cod stocks are dropping due to overfishing, so other fish are mislabeled as cod to increase their value and appeal.

I caught a cod, how can I tell what it’s been eating?
If it’s teeth are sharp, then it’s been eating other fish. If they are dull, then it’s been bottom-feeding on crabs and clams.

Which fish is more valuable to an Alaska fisherman, cod or pollock?
Cod are quite a bit more valuable than pollock on a per lb basis excluding roe.

Atlantic Cod

Atlantic Cod

If I’m eating cod, which species is it most likely?
Pacific Cod

Is it true that the classic fish and chips from the United Kingdom uses Atlantic cod?
Yes, however in Scotland they prefer haddock.

Are cod endangered?
The Atlantic cod is considered vulnerable.

What’s the largest cod ever caught?
103 lb. Atlantic cod was caught in May 2013. It’s the largest ever caught, not necessarily the largest ever found which is not known.

Largest Cod

103 lb. Cod Caught in Norway

Is the Massachusetts state fish the cod?
Yes. Here’s a nice video on the importance of the Atlantic cod to New England fisherman:

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RRHudson April 12, 2013 at 4:23 pm

Black cod, grey cod, ling cod, kelp cod, are but a few of the many species of cod to bless the Pacific Ocean fisheries. Having fished most of my life for this great tasting food I did not believe there would ever be a need to regulate this particular fish. But now as with all species of fish such as salmon, halibut and tuna, cod is becoming more and more scarce due to over fishing. The regulation to preserve this fishery is in place but the enforcement is not. The need for dollars will always win out in the end and eventually the species will disappear.


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