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by Robert Cheney on May 19, 2012

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Costa Concordia to be raised from the seabed

Costa Concordia to be raised from the seabed and towed for dismantling at a cost of $300 million

The cruise ship, Costa Concordia, that infamously went aground and rolled over back in January, will be righted and towed away for disposal in a year long project that will cost $300 million.

The seafloor will be cleaned and new fauna will be planted to bring the area back to pre-wreck status.

Why not clean it up, tow it out somewhere and  make it into an artificial  reef?

I asked a diver friend of mine who knows a little about this:

“A ship that size, to clean properly would take about 5-10 years, Heck ships 1 tenth that size take 18 months to clean properly to sink for an artificial reef.  However the size of it makes it impossible to turn into a reef as their would be stability issues as well other dangers that make it prohibitive to do it. Great idea but with this size ship, would be a nightmare to attempt.”

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How is it going lifting the cruise shiphow deep is the consta concordia?

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