Shipwreck From the Early 1800s Found in the Gulf of Mexico

by Robert Cheney

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A 200 year old shipwreck was recently discovered off the coast of the Gulf of Mexico. It was discovered by an expedition led by NOAA and the BOEM who were on a 56 day mission to map and explore mostly unknown areas of the Gulf of Mexico. They were mapping and imaging areas that led to this fantastic discovery.

The NOAA ship Okeanos Explorer was used for the mission. Researchers on it discovered the remnants of an old wooden ship.Researchers used underwater robots to investigate the sunken ship. Many artifacts were found navigation equipment, include anchors, a rare ship’s iron stove as well as a box of muskets. the iron stove is one of only a few left in the world that are still intact.

Shipwreck Gulf of Mexico

200 year old shipwreck found in the Gulf of Mexico. Image credit: NOAA Okeanos Explorer Program

Okeanos Explorer

Okeanos Explorer

shipwreck gulf of mexico

NOAA’s Seirios Camera Platform, operating above the Little Hercules ROV, images the anchor and remnants of a copper-sheathed shipwreck in the Gulf of Mexico. The wood has nearly all disintegrated after more than a century on the seafloor.. Image courtesy of the NOAA Okeanos Explorer Program.

The ship sits in 4,00 feet of water.

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